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"Equestrians know it's all in the details. Developed by a rider and pedicurist, FootHuggies are the best riding sock we've ever seen: invisible seams, Coolmax Extreme fabric, ankle and arch support, padded at the Achilles, heel and foot and whisper-thin at your outer calf. Stop by 24th St or give us a call to grab a pair and see for yourself!"

                                              -Manhattan Saddlery

                             Instagram: manhattansaddlery

"The Way YOUR sock FITS, MATTERS!"


Tired of your toes RIPPING through your socks half way through your ride?    

Tired of having to buy a 6 pack of socks because you know they will only last for a month or two...If you're lucky?

Tired of Blister after blister not healing before the next blister which turns into a permanent and ugly calluse, soaking wet feet, and bruising from your expensive, thin socks that you have to replace every week or so?

With the average NYLON sock priced at $9.00-$16.00, and you having to buy them once or twice, three times a month. You are spending anywhere from $324.00 - $ 576.00 a YEAR, this is if you ride 3 days a week, on socks that DON'T PROTECT YOUR FEET from, BLISTERS, CALLUSES, CORNS, BRUISING and MORE! You are spending even MORE MONEY if you ride 5 days or more a week. Forget how much more it costs you if you ride several horses......


Our RESULTS: Amazing padding, Great Support, Invisible Toe Seam, Basket weave for light weight and thinness, COOLMAX® and LYCRA® Technology, all lend to a sock made for YOU, THE HIGH PERFORMANCE EQUESTRIAN!

IMAGINE..........A sock that lasts a WHOLE YEAR and then some & it's ONLY $29.95! That's $29.95 for the WHOLE YEAR!!!!! IF you ride 3 days a's ONLY $84.95 (you save another $4.90 by purchasing a three pack!) for the whole YEAR!!! Even if you ride 5 days a week, purchasing 5 pairs of FOOT HUGGIES @ $29.95 + $29.95 + $84.95=$144.85 for the WHOLE YEAR!!!!!

             What can you do with and extra $500.00 dollars? 

                    -Buy two maybe three pair of breeches for the whole year?

                    -Buy 5 riding shirts for the whole year?

                    -Buy your horse a very COOL bridle that will last way longer than a year!

          -Perhaps you might buy those Beautiful boots you have always wanted and they are $500.00 CHEAPER than you thought because you just saved yourself $500.00 DOLLARS on SOCKS that will make your new DREAM BOOTS fit like SLIPPERS on your now COMFORTABLE FEET! 

            What are you waiting for? Hit up OUR store and SAVE yourself  $500.00! after all:

                                "What"s In Your Boot?"