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Mark Watring custom sock. Left sock says "Watring" with his barn logo on the welt.

Custom Logo Socks

"They have thought of EVERYTHING from COOLMAX(R) Extreme Performance fabric, to extra padding on the inside of the socks and behind the Achilles, to the seam that has been moved back off your toes...My feet are literally IN HEAVEN. The best part is they can customize them with your logo so I've ordered 60 #GallopApaceLLC pairs..."

                                                              -Mavis Spencer

                                                Instagram: mavispence

Sample PDF of Mark Watring Logo.

Imagine your very OWN LOGO actually KNITTED INTO your sock!

You are unique, and your sock should be too!

Imagine being able to choose from 37 colors of nylon to create YOUR VERY OWN Barn, Saddlery, Equestrian Center, Boot Company, Saddle Company, Sales Barn, etc.,  identity for your clients to wear at every show!

We create all custom socks from our original Foot Huggies Equestrian Tall Boot Socks base colors of black or white with all of our unique technical features for top performance. Your unique style starts with our two Packages:

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All custom logo package orders include our packaging at no additional cost.

Please call or email us with any questions. We are looking forward to your order!

Package A:


  • We have a 60 sock minimum order which allows you to choose from our original Foot Huggies Equestrian Tall Boot Sock base colors of black or white with all of our unique technical features for top performance.

  • We can split your order into two different sizes. (Example: 30 Small & 30 Medium; 30 Large & 30 Small). Or we can make your whole order in one size.

  • We then ask for a PDF of your artwork for the exclusive right to make a custom sock for you. We have a $200.00USD, non-refundable artwork fee which starts the process of your 60 piece custom order with each pair $29.95 USD each.

  • Once we decide on your design in collaboration with you, we make one pair.

  • We take a picture of your sock on a human and send you a picture to sign off on.

  • Once we receive your written consent to go ahead, we require 50% non-refundable payment, and we make your 60 piece order.

  • Since this is a small run, we fit this size order in between larger orders. This means your order may take 8-10 weeks or it could be three weeks from once you sign-off and your 50% payment has cleared our bank account.

  • All shipping expenses are your responsibility. If you are located in the Los Angeles area we welcome a personal meet and pick-up for free. Should we be attending a show you will be at, we will gladly bring your order at no charge with advance notice that you will be attending the same show. Please call us to see if we will be enjoying your Blue Ribbon win!

  • Once we establish the delivery option that best works for you, we settle your 50%balance plus shipping, (If applicable.)



Package B (geared for Saddleries, Equestrian Centers, Boot Companies, Saddle Companies, Sales Barns, etc.)


  • Our minimum order is 144 pairs.

  • This order receives a mini price discount. This order qualifies for each pair to be $24.95USD per pair plus the non-refundable $200.00USD artwork fee.

  • All of the above is included with a few add ons:

  • We can split your order into all three sizes broken up by 2 dozen, for example: 24 Small, 48 Medium, 48 Large etc.

  • Shipping is the same as in Package A.



Both orders are kept on file.


This means you can order one Package and then order the other package the next time at no extra fee for color change except the cost change per pair of socks.


We can change your Logo colors at *no extra fee UNLESS* you change your logo in any way. Then we must charge the $200.00USD non-refundable as this now becomes a brand new order. What does this mean? If your first order was Package A made with a black base sock with pink lettering and grey trim and now you would like to order Package B in a white base sock with green lettering and gold trim, there is no extra color change fee. You pay only for the cost change in the number of socks ordered: 144 pairs of socks at 24.95USD per pair plus cost of shipping.